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Replacement Sirens
Most often required for Chimaera and Cerbera – the siren location on these vehicles means that they are more prone wear and tear from the elements – you should regularly check that they are working correctly.

Note: Your insurance may not be valid if your siren is found to be inoperative.

Overwriting the
Overwriting the alarm is a simpler and less expensive alternative to replacing the entire alarm system – needed when key fobs have either been stolen, lost, damaged or the alarm just doesn’t respond to them.

Replacement key fobsWe can create further copies for you as long as you still have an original working key fob / remote control and the 16 character code – found on the orange card in the vehicle documents - or overwriting the alarm will be required.

Note: MetaSystem only.Foxguard – 2 button replacement key fobs are available Gemini – replacement only available if the transmission code is known

Replacement Immobiliser unitM36T1 / 2The M36T1 / 2 immobiliser is a modular unit and can be replaced without recourse to the main alarm system.

Replacement of the compete systemThe current MetaSystem Category 1 is the M99T2 alarm plus an M36T2 immobiliser unit.

This is our recommended upgrade for vehicles with faulty Gemini or Foxguard systems or faulty earlier M99T1 alarm and M36T1 immobiliser systems.

Replacement of Central Locking componentsWe offer a service replacing all central locking components including boot release.

Remote Boot release kitChimaera and Griffith only - enables you to release the boot without disarming the main alarm system.

All products carry a 1-year product warranty from the point of installation.
Our customers within the TVR dealerships and specialists are confident that work referred to us will be carried out to the highest standards - they would expect no less from our long standing relationship.