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GermanMAESTRO Speakers


Ultimate satisfaction and nothing less, is the new legacy from the GermanMAESTRO acoustic experience. Over a hundred years of combined design and manufacturing expertise is focused on the new car audio speaker systems. Built in the renowned Obrigheim Germany facility, this premium audio brand is a team development founded by the managers and selected employees, of previously German owned MB Quart. GermanMAESTRO promises a superior level of detail with high SPL capabilities and long term product durability.
A unique speaker system which is nothing less than extraordinary and the obvious choice for TVR audio installation.

All products carry a 1-year product warranty from the point of installation.
Our customers within the TVR dealerships and specialists are confident that work referred to us will be carried out to the highest standards - they would expect no less from our long standing relationship.

GermanMAESTRO Speakers