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The MetaSAT TVM800 is a sophisticated pager and vehicle locator compatible with manufacturers standard fit and aftermarket alarms. In addition it has a built-in GPS self-locate feature. In the event of the vehicle being stolen, longitude/latitude coordinates are automatically sent to the owner via text message. By inputting these coordinates into the ‘Metasat’ website, the owner is able to find the precise street level location of the vehicle. So now there's no need for your car to become just another police crime number, keep track of your vehicle 24hrs a day. MetaSAT has no yearly fee & can be removed & re-installed into your next vehicle.

The MetaSAT TVM800 automatically

  • Alerts the owner in the event of a vehicle alarm
  • Alerts the owner in the event of a vehicle theft
  • Sends alert if pre-programmed speed limit is exceeded
  • Sends warning if battery charge is getting low
  • Alerts nominated number in the event of vehicle crash

Powerful telematic technology enables users to

  • Pinpoint the location of their vehicle
  • Remotely immobilise their vehicle
  • Check on the vehicle's speed
  • Check the charge of the battery
  • Check the vehicle's ignition status

MetaSAT options

An optional in-car hands free kit is also available. Incorporates a microphone, loud speaker and keypad for use as a car phone or to covertly listen inside the vehicle (both systems can utilise the owner's normal mobile phone without modification if preferred).

There is the option of a crash sensor that in the event of an accident will automatically text a precise location to a nominated number.

The Metasat is programmable to your specification by us and is designed to be completely user friendly.

 MetaSAT TVM 800 Thatcham Approval No: EVQ-1090

All products carry a 1-year product warranty from the point of installation.
Our customers within the TVR dealerships and specialists are confident that work referred to us will be carried out to the highest standards - they would expect no less from our long standing relationship.

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